Our First Student Profile Feature

Jessica Regnalia, Class of 2009 - Radio announcer and Writer

I graduated in 2009 when the school was still Gawler High and in ten years I have achieved so much! Everyone's got different skills and goals but mine were in speaking, writing, being creative and helping people. It was hard to work out what job would match perfectly with those skills, but right now I know I’m in it.

Today I work as a Radio Announcer in Tamworth. It’s pretty cool—I get to be myself for a job, work in the community, and I’ve interviewed some pretty famous and beautiful people.
It doesn’t just happen straight away though—I did 9 years of retail, 2 years of pharmacy and a heap of study and work experience to get here.

I graduated from UniSA in 2015 in Journalism and Creative Writing. One of the best parts of my degree was my minor--film and TV! I wrote, directed and edited short films--even travelling to Italy on exchange for a month where we learned about Italian Cinema (and I got to meet my family).

I’ve always thought of myself as a jack of all trades. That, and I’m a bit of an achievement junkie. Once I've conquered one thing, I love looking ahead for something new. I've written and performed in my own stage play when I was in community theatre, I've done voiceovers for a gaming YouTuber, I’ve mentored high-school aged students on their own community projects and I even taught myself how to build a website (my blog and portfolio) check it out—phrasedandframed.com.

Because I'm in media all of these skills are transferrable. There are people in the radio industry who push past me but I'm not worried because I have my fingers in many pots.
But if radio is your jam and you think you've got what it takes, then here's my advice:
Go and live life. No, really. Go and travel. Get your heart broken. Learn to play a new sport. And then when you're in your mid 20s and you've got some stories to tell from your own unique perspective, then hit Sean Craig Murphy up at the Australian Radio School and do your first Introduction to Radio course. You might be BIG STAR worthy, or you might need to keep at it a bit longer.

It wasn’t all an easy time though—but that’s just real life. I’ve applied for so many jobs and never been able to get a look in, I’ve started things I’ve never finished, and worst of all—I have had crises of personal faith. Am I good enough? Why did I even try?

All of these feelings are part of the process, but you’ve got to trust it.
Remember clichés are what they are because they’re true.
It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Jessica Renaglia