Stationery List


Hard copies will be available from our Front Office on request or can be requested via email at (Please let us know the year level/s you require and they will be sent via return email). 

Most year levels have compulsory subjects that require stationery as well as the 'All subjects' items. Further items for each student may be required based on the electives they have selected (Confirmation of elective subjects is yet to be advised/confirmed).

Year 12 students require stationery based on their individual timetables (To be advised).

Composite Classes in our Middle & Senior School have updated lists for 2024.

The Disability Unit has an updated list for 2024.

Please note: Students in Reception to Year 6 and Junior School Special Classes will have stationery provided by class teachers as part of your 2024 Material & Services charges.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate in contacting us on 8521 2400 or via email