Course Counselling


To gain maximum benefit from the subject selection process, students and parents are advised to read the handbook listed below carefully and watch the video presentations included. Please discuss subject options thoroughly before making decisions. You or your child can also seek the advice of your child’s teachers and/or Faculty Leader if you would like further clarification.

The school will operate as normal during this process and your child will come out of their lesson to join you for the appointment then return to class once completed.                       

Click here to book using the following to make your appointment.

  • 2022, Yr 12 courses and use code e7hey
  • 2022, Yr 11 courses and use code h9vub

Appointments are 10 minutes in length and can be complete either in person, via video or telephone conference. If you are making a video or telephone conference, please provide your email address or contact phone number in the online booking form.