Daymap is a web based system which integrates very closely with attendance administration, daily timetable, curriculum assignments and student welfare monitoring. Daymap is installed locally on our school’s server. It is accessible by teachers and students both on school computers and online from outside schoo0l. Parents can also gain access online via the Daymap Connect Parent Portal. Daymap Parent Portal aims at greatly enhanced communication between the school and parents. 

Attendance administration
Teachers mark the rolls for each subject lesson. This information is stored in the Daymap database and can be viewed and verified by staff, students and parents. A key feature is the ability for parents to check their child's attendance for each lesson by accessing the parent portal during the school day. Absences pre-recorded by attendance administrators, based on prior parent information will result in the student being pre-marked on the class roll when the teacher goes to mark it. Where parent explanation for absence is received after the period of absence, the information gets updated on Daymap as soon as information is received by Student services/teachers. Inaccuracies in attendance management can be corrected easily. 

Student learning progress
Apart from the attendance features available in Daymap, a number of collaborative tools are available for recording information about student welfare and learning progress. Teachers post assignments, resources, due dates etc. on Daymap, which can be accessed by students and parents, assisting with the learning progress and assignment completion by due date. Parents can access information about homework set by teachers. This information can be used by teachers, year level managers and parents to achieve better outcomes for students. 

Student Management
Any communication with parents is recorded on Daymap in the form of Student Notes. Year level manager follow-ups as well as behavioural information is also recorded. Parents can send a note/email directly to teachers/year level managers, and hence work more closely in managing student needs and outcomes. 

School Communications
Various school publications such as newsletters, student reports, Individual learning plans etc. are also posted on Daymap for direct and easy access.

Parent Portal Access
To access the Daymap Parent Portal you can click on the Daymap Connect button near the bottom of the Home Page on the school website or you can enter the following address in your internet URL bar:

You can download a copy of the how-to guide for the Daymap Parent Portal on this web page. 

 If you have any issue with the Daymap Parent Portal please contact the school.